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Composition: 93% polyester and 7% elastane
Sizes: 40 to 48

With a fabric that has all the flexibility, comfort and quality, the boardshort is a sophisticated model that has characteristics and quality. It has a specific Copyright ©️ logo and a DTF print on the side and pocket.

Adhuc litore came to light due to the passion for the beach.

One of the ways we chose to represent was high, a sport that greatly expanded adhuc's recognition, as relationships were built between people through it. The colors and shapes used, such as the figures hugging each other and the color yellow, mean for adhuc a “sincere exchange”, which means honest and open communication. It means that both parties are willing to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions genuinely and without reservation. It is a form of dialogue that promotes mutual understanding and the strengthening of interpersonal ties. Sincere exchange is based on trust and sincerity, and is essential for building healthy and lasting relationships.
Fast delivery throughout Brazil.

Withdrawal at Rua Engenheiro Enaldo Cravo Peixoto 105, 1017, Rio de Janeiro RJ

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